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Helping you to have happy, healthy rabbits!


Rabbit Grooming


Rabbits need to be groomed regularly, particularly long haired, angora, cashmere and lionhead rabbits. Regular brushing keeps your bunny’s coat in great condition & prevents the formation of matts.  Find out more.

Rabbit Butt Service

Butt Service

A full trim and clean of your bunnies butt helping prevent flystrike and other health issues. Using a holistic approach I can also help you to understand why the bottom may be dirty and what can be done about it..  Find out more.

Rabbit Health Checks

Health Checks

Regular health checks are the best way to ensure your rabbits are keeping healthy and to prevent problems occurring. A health check form will be completed, showing you everything that has been checked.  Find out more.

Rabbit boot camp

Boot Camp

The boot camp is specifically for rabbits that are overweight. Having agreed a targeted weight loss we will look at how best to achieve the right conditions to result in weight loss.  Find out more.

Rabbit Phone Consultations

Phone Consultations & Home Visits

With so many years experience of looking after many different types of rabbits I am able to offer lots of advice and assistance to help you keep your rabbits happy and healthy.  If you would like help with general rabbit care, diet, nutrition and exercise or you have an issue with your rabbits behaviour or bonding, you can book a phone consultation or home visit* where we can discuss you needs and concerns.                                     * within 2 hours travelling time from Great Shelford

Molt & Bolt boxes

Molt & Bolt Boxes

Molt and Bolt boxes are great for enrichment, exercise and providing domestic pet rabbits with a a place to feel safe, relaxed and happy.. There are different sizes and colours available.  Find out more.

Rabbit Bereavement Support

Bereavement Support

The loss of a pet or nursing a chronically sick rabbit can drain us badly. I am here for anybody that wants to chat over the phone or have a cuppa together.  Find out more.

Rabbit Boarding


Home from home - your rabbits get to hang out in my house as if it was their own!  So whether you're looking for rabbit holiday boarding or post-op care,

I can help.  Find out more.

Rabbit Bonding


Rabbits evolved to live in groups, not alone and I can help to get two or more of your rabbits to live together - to groom each other, lie down together, and eat together,  Find out more. 

Hi, I’m Caroline

I am passionate about rabbit welfare and providing the very best customer service for all rabbit owners.


I provide a 5 star service so whether you are boarding or bonding or requesting health checks and grooming I will go into great detail to get to know you and your rabbit.

Together with Ross (Rabbit Owner Support Services) I'm here to help you have the healthiest, happiest rabbits you can.  We know how much you love your rabbits and we want to do the very best for you and them. 

From providing advice and top tips on all aspects of rabbit healthcare, nutrition and living to boarding, bonding, health checks, grooming, boot camps and bereavement support we're here for you.


Helping you to have happy, healthy rabbits!

ROSS rabbit
Rabbit Boarding & Rabbit Bonding

My Happy Clients

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My rabbits had a lovely holiday with Caroline, I would definitely recommend her boarding service. I was kept up to date with lots of photos and I could relax on holiday knowing my rabbits were in very capable hands. Her rabbit knowledge is second to none and she's given me lots of advice to improve the health of my rabbits

Holly Kingdon-Gregory

Caroline is so knowledgeable about rabbits. She had my bunnies for two weeks and managed to bond my quad! She was in constant contact with me, letting me know exactly what was happening and sending lots of photos. There were times where we thought it might not work but she was honest and kept me up to date. I totally trusted her expertise. I will definitely be sending them back to her for boarding when I’m away in the future..

Portia Sale

What Caroline doesn’t know about rabbits, isn’t worth knowing. Her decades of experience and deep interest in rabbit welfare mean that her services are second to none. Informative, supportive and friendly - I’ve known Caroline for 15 years and can’t recommend her highly enough.

Melissa Croxall


 Keeping your rabbits happy and healthy!

Useful links to various organisations and associations that are helping make a positive difference to rabbits lives.

Get in touch

For all bookings and enquiries, please complete the email form or send an email to: rossrabbitservices@gmail.com.

If you have already made a booking or have a rabbit staying with me and have a short/quick message, please use WhatsApp where possible 07538 630384
. and then I will text or audio message you back.

Business Hours: Rabbit Rambles is open seven days a week for boarding and bonding and Monday to Friday, 10am to 2pm, for all other services.


Drop-off, collection and appointment times are strictly by arrangement in advance only.

Address: Great Shelford, Cambridgeshire

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