Molt & Bolt Boxes

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Small boxes  £56

Large boxes  £67.50

Prices include painting and p&p.

Molt and Bolt boxes are great for enrichment, exercise and providing domestic pet rabbits with a place to feel safe, relaxed and happy. They support physical and mental well being, featuring 3 holes which simulate the escape routes in warrens and provide a non stressful way for shedding coats. 

These boxes have been especially designed to mimic the way a rabbit burrow works with multiple exits to encourage rabbits to feel its a safe place to hide but at the same time a safe place to quickly exit should they feel threatened or sense danger from other rabbits or predators or noises.

The size of the boxes allow rabbits to comfortably cuddle up together within them and feel they can watch the world go by. They also love to sit on top of them where they can periscope. The smaller holes allow the rabbit to gently shed loose fur as would collect naturally around a wild rabbit warren hole.  Great for all breeds of rabbit whether rex, lop or long coated. 

Molt and bolt boxes can be placed on top of each other and can be used indoors and outdoors for rabbits, cats, guinea pigs, ferrets, and chinchillas. Bespoke boxes with 4 holes can also be made.

All boxes are handmade and hand painted, in a Cuprinol animal safe paint,.

Paint colours available:

  • Urban Slate

  • Purple Pansy

  • Beach Blue

  • Sweet Sundae Pink

  • Thyme Green

The boxes will have one layer of paint internally to protect them from weather and urine but 2-3 layers externally to give an excellent finish and be a smart feature whether in your home or garden.   

Boxes are screwed together with a high quality and thickness of plywood.


The boxes come in two sizes: 

Small boxes: 18in x 15in, 12 in high
Large boxes: 30in x 18in, 12 in high

For rabbits 2 kg and under we suggest a combination of 4 inch holes and 4.5 inch holes and the small boxes would be suitable. 

For rabbits 2-4kg we suggest a combination of 4.5 inch holes and 5 inch holes. Small boxes will be fine for 2-3kg rabbits but 2 or more rabbits will always be more comfortable in the large box.

For rabbits 4-6kg we suggest a combination of 5 and 6 inch holes in a large box.


For giant rabbits above 5 kg we can make a larger higher box for you on request.

Though it is unsafe for rabbits to fit through tunnels of less that 6 inches Molt and bolt holes work very differently.

Please place an order by emailing Rossrabbitservices@gmail.comTurn around will be 14 days from placing order to receiving your box.  The boxes will be made painted and posted directly to customers from my suppliers.


Payments can be made to PayPal or via my account details

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