From £12 per day (£15 per day from 1st Dec -7th Jan)

£2 per day additional charge where medication is given
£15 per day additional charge for post operation care, subject to the complexity of care.


Home from home! Your bunny will get to hang out in my house as if it was their own!  So whether you're looking for boarding whilst you go on holiday or need post-op care for your rabbits because you can't be home all day or you don't feel comfortable physically handling your rabbit, I can help. 

Bedding is made up of Snowflake wood shavings which are pine and cedar free and absorb the urine, thereby keeping kennels hygienic.. Meadow hay is then laid across the wood shavings. Straw can be used in the winter for extra warmth and see through tarpaulin to protect against the wind and rain.

Rabbits will always have access to a variety of hays including TImothy Hay, oat hay, orchard grass and freeze dried grasses. All kennels have large toilet trays and hay to eat whilst toileting, which rabbits are known to like to do. For long haired rabbits or those with wounds I bed and base the floor with fitch.

House rabbits have 2-3 toilet trays and hay stations. Vet beds, blankets and towels are place on top of the vinyl  flooring to make it softer for rabbits to lay on.  The lounge has a 5ft by 2ft cage/den area which is bedded up with newspaper or shavings with hay on top.  All flooring indoors and outside can be fully disinfected to ensure high hygiene standards. 

Willow toys and tunnels are provided for the rabbits' enjoyment. All rabbits also have a Molt & Bolt box whether inside or outside. This gives them a place to hide and shelter in and feel safe.

There are water bowls for easy access to water to prevent dehydration and ice pods, snuggle safe hot water bottles, shades and fans are used to control the temperature in extreme weather conditions.


With post op care I can take care of all of those tasks that require some physically handling of your rabbits. I can give injections and eye drops, take temperatures and blood glucose levels and flush out wounds. I can also speak to vets for you as I speak their language.

Take a look at the accommodation I offer here.


£15 per day (2-3 rabbits)

Larger groups on request


Rabbits evolved to live in groups, not alone and I can help to get two or three of your rabbits to live together - to groom each other, lie down together, and eat together,   

Including a health check and regular video and photo updates.

The bonding duration usually varies from 10 days to 3 weeks, although it can take up to 4 weeks for larger groups. 


You will receive regular updates on how the bonding process is going. If the rabbits get to the co-habiting stage or a friendlier stage after 9 days then progress is being made and it's worth keeping going as the following stages are always so much easier.

If at any point, after an update you wish to stop the process or change the technique being used, then please let me know straight away. For more information on bonding and bonding for larger groups, please see the Bonding questions in the FAQs.   

If you adopted your rabbits from the Rabbit Residence Rescue I can do the bonding with permission from the manager but they do also do their own bonding service.

health checks.JPG

£15 per rabbit

Health Checks

Regular health checks are the best way to ensure your rabbits are keeping healthy and to prevent problems occurring. A health check form will be completed, showing you everything that has been checked and any indicating whether there are any issues.

Areas checked include:

Ears - for wax, ear mites and abscesses

Eyes - for discharge, cataracts and the fur around the eye

Nose - for discharge or wetness

Scent glands - for cleanliness

Jaw - for abscesses and bumps from long teeth

Fur/skin - for flea mites 

Paws - whether they're wet or dry

Teeth - whether incisors are aligned correctly and looking at molars

Feet - checking for pododermatitis, bald & sore patches

Claws - for misalignment, overgrown or missing claws

Palpation -for masses or gass

Wounds - any present

Genitals - as they should be

Weight - body condition scores



Rabbits need to be groomed regularly, particularly long haired, angora, cashmere and lionhead rabbits. Regular brushing keeps your bunny’s coat in great condition preventing the formation of matts which can irritate the skin and lead to infections.

Depending on the rabbits hair it can take some time to properly groom your rabbit and deal with matted hair.

£20 per rabbit

Bunny butt.JPG

£20 per rabbit

Butt Service

A full trim and clean of your bunnies butt helping prevent flystrike and other health issues. Using a holistic approach I can use both my experience and case studies to help you to understand why the bottom may be dirty and what can be done about it.. 


For example, it may be because the rabbit is overweight and in which case we can design a care plan to address this through diet and exercise. Or it could be that a change to the accommodation and bedding could be required.

Boot camp.JPG

Boot Camp

The boot camp is specifically for rabbits that are overweight.


Having agreed a targeted weight loss we will look at how best to achieve the right conditions to result in weight loss.  Whether that be a change to the rabbit's diet, exercise or accommodation.

Prices on request


Bereavement Support

The loss of a pet or nursing a chronically sick rabbit can drain us badly. I am here for anybody that wants to chat over the phone or have a cuppa together. 

I can help you find some coping mechanisms, for example, poetry or making an album and discuss with you whether or not you want to get another rabbit.

There is no charge for this service, apart from to cover mileage costs (45 pence per mile) if I travel to you.  However if you would like to make a donation you're welcome to do this.

molt box.JPG

Molt & Bolt Boxes

Molt and Bolt boxes are great for enrichment, exercise and providing domestic pet rabbits with a place to feel safe, relaxed and happy. They support physical and mental well being, featuring 3 holes which simulate the escape routes in warrens and provide a non stressful way for shedding coats. 

For more information, visit our Molt & Bolt Boxes page.


Phone Consultations & Home Visits

With so many years experience of looking after many different types of rabbits I am able to offer lots of advice and assistance to help you keep your rabbits happy and healthy.  If you would like help with general rabbit care, diet and exercise or you have an issue with your rabbits behaviour or bonding, you can book a phone consultation or home visit* where we can discuss you needs and concerns.                                     

* within 2 hours travelling time from Great Shelford

From £15 per hour, plus mileage costs at 45 pence per mile.