Bunny-proofing your house

Keeping rabbits indoors is a great way to bond with them and learn more about their behaviours.

However, rabbits still have their natural instincts, so it’s important to create a safe indoor environment for them. There are a few ways of doing this. You could create a large, penned off area of your house that your rabbits stay in permanently, or give them a spare room that you can ensure is bunny-safe. If you have fully free roam rabbits, you’ll need to do some bunny-proofing!


Rabbits are infamous for chewing wires! This is an ingrained natural habit, as wild rabbits will snip tree roots that are in their way. The best thing to do is keep wires off the floor, and preferably pinned to the wall if possible. You can also block them off behind cabinets or shelves. Generally, if a wire isn’t in their way, rabbits won’t seek them out to chew. If blocking them off isn’t possible, another option is hard plastic wire covers. While it’s annoying for us to find our electronics chewed, it could be deadly to our bunnies, so it’s important to protect them from this danger.

Human food and house plants

Most rabbits will eat anything, regardless of whether it’s safe for them. Make sure you keep human food out of reach, and that your beautiful house plants aren’t positioned as a bunny snack!


Some rabbits will dig and chew fibres out of carpets, while others will ignore them. If your rabbit is digging in one place, try placing a distraction over it, like a bunny hide out or cardboard box to chew. Alternatively, you can try blocking the area by placing a large tile over it.

Skirting board

Again, some rabbits will chew skirting boards, door frames and even walls. The easiest option here is to block off the areas that they are most obsessed with, either with carboard, specially crafted barriers, or grids.

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